5 Restaurants to Should Visit Before Leaving France

Cheese and wine form a significant part of the diet, the French cuisine, one of the world’s most famous cuisines. France is widely known for its unique and sumptuous delicacy, made from different natural and flavourful combinations. The French cuisine is respected nationally and internationally both for its diversity and uniqueness. As a delightful addition, you’d also enjoy the mouthwatering and deeply satisfying french foods with tasty wines of various kinds.

The neatly arranged table, crafted with handy tools of distinctive, easy mobility features, and typically overlaid with white cotton in a serene environment, gives the french’s eating style a distinct edge in the nutrition world. The dishes also are internationally renowned, and this is evident in how the prominent International organization, “UNESCO,” plaster its seal of approval on the famous diet.

The international organization has named the French cuisine as one of the world’s intangible heritage. Taking a visit to France is undoubtedly worth it. And apart from the fantastic foods, you’d also be welcomed with beautiful sceneries and visuals. Here are five popular restaurants mostly located in France’s capital city, Paris, which you can’t afford to miss on your France’s visit.

1. Lasserre Restaurant

Your visitation to France would be incomplete without visiting this notable restaurant next to the Grand Palais museum. The Lasserre restaurant is a significant pillar of French cuisine as it offers a palatable menu of different french classic foods. You’d get to dine in a beautifully decorated yellow-gold interior, with rows of white orchards as additional decorations, and an open roof that’ll allow you to admire the sky’s glamorous nature.

Nicholas Le Tirrand and some other three chefs are at the forefront of ensuring you’ve got a great time eating. If you especially delight in traditional French cuisines, they’ve got you covered with their improved and updated french traditional cuisines which they delightedly offer. You won’t want to miss iconic french dishes like macaroni and crêpes Suzette desserts. Your visit to this restaurant promises to be a great experience.

2. Bouillon Chartier Restaurant

A legendary “bouillon”  restaurant, Chartier proudly welcomes frequent crowds from both near and far due to its attractive dining room, which can conveniently accommodate up to three hundred visitors. There’s also the diligent staff who are ever-ready to satisfy you with their top-notch cooking skills. Orders are awesomely served from white paper tablecloths, which you’ll find intriguing due to its aesthetic nature.

Apart from the pleasing eating environment, you’d also find affordable traditional classic french foods like bourguignon, sea bream, etc. and inexpensive side dishes. In terms of budget and quality, this restaurant marks an edge as you can get the three courses at a very affordable rate. However, to have a great time at the restaurant, you’ve to arrive early due to its popularity with ever-patronizing locals. 

3. Girafe Restaurant

Taking a visit to this restaurant offers you two things; a rich, tasty menu and a stunning view of the Eiffel Tower.  The restaurant is tucked in the left-wing of the Trocadero, which inflects around the Eiffel tower, and, as a result, brings you one of the most appealing views of the grande dame. The Girafe restaurant’s indoors will keep you hooked to its beauty, and you might find yourself intriguingly feasting your eyes to the fantastic physical.

Nonetheless, the foods offered by this restaurant are more than delicious. If you’re a seafood lover, then welcome to Girafe as the restaurant provides a capital menu of seafood and oysters from Brittany to Oleron, France’s best regions. Lobster, crayfish, sashimi, Sologne, and caviar, are also available at the restaurant.

And if you love to feast on meat, you’re welcome. The restaurant has beef tenderloin and farm-raised healthy chicken to make your visit memorable. So don’t forget to branch at this restaurant on your next visit to France to have a feel of the country’s best seafood.

4. Verjus Restaurant

Proudly managed by two experienced chefs, Americans Laura Adian and Braden Perkins, this Paris’s super club kitchen has never failed to satisfy guests with an incredible 10-course meal combined with sensational wine pairings around a beautiful communal table. Visit this France’s restaurant, and you’d be richly satisfied with fresh and transcendental foods in taste and uniqueness.

And if you find the prix fixe dinner upstairs expensive, then you can choose to give yourself a gastronomic treat by going for wines and mini-plates in the bar. However, the restaurant’s buttermilk fried chicken and celeriac dumplings are worth your special attention. Also, America’s inspired sandwiches like the Bakesale Betty and Cuban midnight at lunchtime have seen the day’s light in this notable restaurant.

5. Au Pied de Cochon Restaurant

Au Pied de Cochon, the first restaurant to open twenty-four hours a day, is a well-known culinary who has welcomed notable guests such as Josephine Baker, Jacques Chirac, and Salvador Dali. Accommodating Parisians and tourists, the traditionally decorated two-story restaurant will satisfy your taste buds with its tender, porky, and chewy eponymous pig’s food.

And if you’re not a pig’s food fan, you can always go for the famous French’s onion soup and red wine which are readily available at the restaurant. And don’t forget to end your meal with their soft caramel filled with chocolate cake.


France is a must-go for you if you want to enjoy beautiful, tasty, and affordable foods that’ll fill you with beautiful memories. And whether for a dinner date, an evening with family and friends, or an individual vacation, the above five restaurants will never disappoint.

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