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La Ras Casse

La Ras Casse is a platform with a focus on French cuisines and dishes. Founded over a decade ago, we provide you with all the information you need to learn how to cook French dishes. We love French foods and meals, and enjoy sharing what we love with our audience.

The online platform discusses top French cuisines, dishes, wines, and desserts. We assist our readers to learn how to cook their favorite French dishes and pair them with the right wines. We’re your guide to French foods, wines, how-to guides, and popular food-wine pairings.

We’re also an informational blog with the intent to promote French dishes. Whether you’re new to these meals or been preparing them for a while now, you’ll find our platform useful.

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Our founders first learned about the French cuisine when they worked at French restaurants. The love for these unique dishes prompted them to take relevant classes to improve their cooking skills.

With decades of cooking experience and specialization in cuisines with French roots, we were inspired to begin this blog. At La Ra Casse, we believe that you don’t need skills to master the art of preparing delicious French cuisines.

But, with passion and love for everything French, only the sky is the limit. We’ve been preparing French dishes long enough to know what our audience look for in their meals.