Fun Facts about French Food

Here’re some French food information to assist you fit into the food culture of France, and understand it better.

The various cheese in France is more than the total number of days in a year.

The traditional French culture prioritizes the enjoyment of food. Eating is more of a culture to the French than a mere neutral act.

Most people in France drink hot beverages from bowls and dip pastry or bread into it.

About 500,000,000 snails have eaten in France annually.

France was the first country worldwide to ban supermarkets from throwing away food to prevent wastage. The excess food is given charities and related services.

France produces 10 billion baguettes every year. Traditionally, according to the law, yeast, flour, and salt are the only three ingredients used to prepare a baguette. Each ingredient should weigh 250 grams.

France is among the top 10 agricultural products exporters worldwide. And, it’s the largest in Europe, accounting for about 20% of the EU’s total production.

The drinking age in France is 18 for strong liquors and spirits, making up 21% of alcohol, and 16 for other drinks such as wine and beer.

French cuisine is often made up of rich desserts. However, most homes only use yogurt, fruit, or a few bars of natural dark chocolate as dessert.

In Europe, France is the largest fungicide consumer followed by Germany. It’s also a leading pesticide consumer. The French are turning to use organic or bioproducts due to the widespread use of chemicals in the country. As a result, it’s ranked second as the largest organic product consumer, producing almost three-quarters of organic products in Europe.

Most French restaurants serve authentic French and Provençal classics and wines because food culture is at the core of French dining.

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