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Valentine’s day is named after a Christian Martyr, Valentinus, who lived under an oppressive Roman emperor, Claudius II. Claudius demanded all Romans must worship twelve gods and had made it a crime punishable by death to associate with Christians. Valentinus was a devoted Christian and not even the threat of death turned him away from the ideals of Christ. This soon lead to his arrest, imprisonment  and eventually his execution.
Whilst in prison the jailer asked if his daughter Julia could be brought to Valentinus for lessons after seeing he was a man of learning. Julia had been blind since birth and Valentinus would often describe the world of nature to her, read her stories of Rome’s history and taught her about God. She saw the world through his eyes and trusted his wisdom.
After praying for her sight one morning Julia woke up and a remarkable thing happened. She could see. On the eve of his death Valentinus wrote a last note to Julia, urging her to stay close to God.   He signed it, “From your Valentine.”